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Dying to Get In Pre-orderAvailable on Amazon Kindle

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of Dying to Get In. I created this book to entertain you. To amuse you. And without being overly dramatic, to provoke you. You may find yourself laughing unexpectedly. In fact, I would bet on it. You may get a brief glance at the dark side, but I promise to lead you back to the light. And, you will laugh at that too. What might surprise you most is how Dying to Get In might challenge your thinking about what you would do––what length you would go to––to protect the one you love most. I will be offering free signed paperback copies of the book to people who join my email list in a promo to be announced at a later date. I sincerely hope that you will read and enjoy the Dying to Get In Kindle edition and leave an honest review on Amazon. Happy New Year and thank you! Peter

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