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Thank You!

Hi guys. Just a quick note. First and foremost, Laurie and I want to thank you for all you've done to help give Dying to Get In life. We appreciate your support.

Currently I'm heads down working on a new novel that is part of a four book series. I'm hoping to be able to publish the first book sometime in early 2023. Apologies to the cozy mystery genre fans in advance because this will be straight up science fiction with lots of highly unusual and unique twists. I promise it will be like nothing you've ever seen or read before. No more about this WIP for now. I will be looking for Advance Copy Readers sometime this fall. If you are a sci-fi fan, and you’d like to be a member of my ACR team, please email me. For those of you who have not joined the DTGI email list, please do!

Like many of you, our hearts are with the Ukrainian people. We all hope that this will come to a peaceful resolution that will stop the loss of innocent lives on both sides of this conflict. It's tragic to think so many young people, including young Russian soldiers, are dying for no reason but for a maniacal power-hungry monster in the Kremlin.

I intend to do an interview with Estelle, but she's been elusive. She says she’s not ready to spend any quality time with me right now—and I’ve got my plate full at the moment—so this will have to wait.

One last big request.

If you have the time to give the book an honest review on Amazon, Laurie and I would greatly appreciate that. It's extremely important in the world of publishing today, especially for independent authors, to get quality reviews on Amazon. In Amazon’s world, reviews are the best indication they can get, in addition to sales, about the quality of the book. These indicators improve the book’s visibility so that more potential readers will see that it exists. Without massive amounts of advertising dollars to support a sales effort, reviews are critical mass for the success of any indie author. Thanks in advance for all of you who have that on your back burner of things to do. And thanks again from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who have already reviewed Dying to Get In. We love your kind words—and we love you!

Peace, love, and understanding,

—Peter & Laurie

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