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Peter Interland


Murder on the Maine Coast


Golden Shores in Maine is the ultimate five-star retirement community for the fortunate few, with a waitlist five years long. Fear for his wife’s health has sixty-eight-year-old Bill Hurley dying to get in—and killing to get there.

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The Back Cover Blurb ...

Bill Hurley is a quirky former MIT professor and nerd legend. His lovely wife, Hillary, is a talented artist. They live on eighty pastoral acres in Stoney Creek, Maine. Life is good for this prosperous and likable duo until Hillary has a stroke. Though she recovers fully, the trauma of that tragic event is a catalyst for change. Waiting five years to get into Golden Shores so that Hillary can get the medical help she may need in the future is intolerable to Bill. His resolution? Kill a few residents and one person ahead of them on the waitlist. While he struggles with the ethical dilemma of planning the murders of four Golden Shores residents, the story is a fun, fast comic beach read bursting with unpredictable twists and a satisfying ending.

Dying to Get In is a cozy mystery/dark comedy brimming with eccentric but likable characters peppered with a tasty blend of weird and witty murderous intentions. Not your average whodunit, this is a how-does-he-do-it. Or does he? It’s an inverted mystery—a contemporary Kind Hearts and Coronets meets The Golden Girls and the Coen brothers at Cabot Cove. If you loved Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building, you will love Dying to Get In.

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